About me

Hi! I'm Kenneth Nilsson

I'm an IT geek who can explain technical stuff to anyone at any level of experience.

Technical Experience

What I do the most


AWS Architect/DevOps with years of experience implementing production workloads on AWS.

Designing solutions based on "Well-Architected and the Six Pillars".

  • AWS Cloudformation
  • Hashicorp Terraform
  • Concourse


Implementing CI/CD workflows for automatic releases. Simplifying Developers job to get their code to production.

  • Windows, Linux
  • Container Orchestration
  • Azure DevOps
  • Octopus Deploy


Fullstack with Lead Developer experience. Specifying, developing and maintaining new and legacy applications.

  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET (API, MVC, Razor, Blazor)
  • Javascript (NodeJs, NextJs, Angular, Vue)


What I've been doing


Cloud Architect

IT Consult, Consid - Financial Services

Supporting teams migrating applications to AWS following previous DevOps/Developer role setting up AWS Infrastructure. Security, Observability and Compliance focus.
Teaching new teams about Cloud and CI/CD adoption.


Cloud DevOps

IT Consult, Consid - Financial Services

Initial workloads migrated to AWS. Configuring and setting a baseline infrastructure for migrating on-prem applications to AWS.


Cloud Developer

IT Consult, Consid - Financial Services

Refactoring .NET applications for the Cloud. Moving suitable integrations to Cloud Native AWS products (Lambda, SNS, SES, SQS).
Everything IaC and blueprint focused.


Lead Developer

IT Consult, Consid - Financial Services

Responsible for a teams Technical Specifications, Architecture, Support of 6 developers and communicating with Stakeholders, Project Managers and IT Leadership.
Started the Customers journey to the Cloud.



IT Consult, Consid - Financial Services

Setting up a complete CI/CD environment on-prem used by Developers, Application Ops and Product Owners to handle releases. Azure DevOps (formerly TFS) and Octopus as main components.


.NET Developer

IT Consult, Consid - Financial Services

Developing and maintaining 20+ Frontend and Backend-applications using EPiServer, ASP.NET, C#, Entity-Framework, MSSQL


EPiServer Developer

IT Consult, Knowit - Customer websites

Developing, configuring and maintaining customer websites using EPiServer CMS.

Personal Interests

Sometimes I leave the screen

  • Home Automation project where I use HomeAssistant. "Hey Google, start vacuuming!"
  • Quadcopter/Drones, built my own 250mm Racing Quadcopter, still use DJI for simplicity.
  • PC Gaming, mainly FPS or RPG titles.
  • Padel wich I started a couple years ago (like most people).
  • Golf and Wakeboarding in the summer during good weather.
  • Snowboarding or Diving on vacations.
  • Finding rare beers from micro-breweries